Sunday, September 27, 2015


9 Million Acres of US Lands Have Burned in Wildfires in 2015 - (see:   ) So Far. 

You are the President of the USA and your Appointees Are in Charge of the US Forest Service, the US Bureau of Land Management and other Federal Agencies Charged with Protecting the Nation's Assets - including assets owned by entities OTHER THAN the US Government. 

And of course Congress is not blameless but we still do not see them calling for hearings on the 2015 wildfires and the 10-year drought in California and in our Western and Southern states, nor learning from past fires and past lessons and taking action to avert this nonsense.

Too late to DO anything about it now, Mr. President. And members of Congress. And too late to help those who died fighting these 48,731 fires. To date. Or the homes and businesses lost in them. Or the resources lost.  What do we want you to do? A rain dance?

No. We just want you to do your job: what we elected you to do: protect life, property, the "environment", practically speaking. To appropriate, manage and provide the resources needed to do this. 

Like FDR did with his Civilian Conservation Corps. Like Eisenhower did when building the Interstate Highway System. Like using the predictive capabilities already in possession of federal agencies to know where and when wildfires can and will occur - and DOING something about it BEFORE they do.

Like taking fewer campaign contributions from people and PACs who have an interest in fighting fires, not preventing them.

Like learning how others manage their property better, reducing loss of life and property, and implementing those lessons for public lands.

Like firing people you've appointed and hiring others to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Now.

Most of us do not occupy the White House nor are we members of Congress but we can and must ask: So What Are YOU Going to DO about this?  And demand Congressional hearings and a Presidential investigation into the obvious failures - lack of resources, lack of planning, failure to learn from past lessons, Summer vacations....whatever. 

Listen, learn, report back to the voters. After all, 2016 is an election year. Again. And another year when wildfires will hit our nation again. 
Do something about them, Mr. President, Members of Congress.

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